Pluralsight Flow
for IT OPS teams

Make your technology 
work for you

Build the expertise you need to powerfully manage IT systems.

Your priorities are changing,
so should your teams

Bogged down by budgets and legacy systems?

The future calls for a newer, better infrastructure, but modernizing your systems is quite the undertaking. Moving from on-premise to the cloud or from monolith to microservices requires not only an investment in new hardware and technologies, but in the skills your teams need to execute—something made even more challenging by tight IT budgets.

You can’t just adopt new technology.

Exploring the latest tech and trends can help your business improve processes and move faster, but only if you have the time and resources to upskill your teams to support it.

Scale your skills. 

Scale your systems.

Arm your teams with the digital dexterity you need to tackle whatever comes next.


Uncover your team’s strengths and weaknesses

Understand where your team’s skills stand today and where you need to grow.

  • Measure your team’s skills in topics like networking, cloud computing, DevOps, infrastructure and more with Skill IQ
  • See if your teams have the skills they need to succeed in critical roles like Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, Database Administrator and more with Role IQ
 DevOps role

Skill up ahead 
of schedule

Build teams with the right skills to take action on new technologies as they arise.

  • Learn from courses ed by experts in database administration, virtualization, networking and more
  • Accelerate skill development with personalized course recommendations that help employees skip over what they already know and focus on what they don’t
  • Align skill development to your most important objectives like moving to the cloud or preparing for certification exams with channels and paths
 Azure DevOps

Measure impact with the right data

Feel confident your teams are building the skills they need to deliver on business objectives.

  • Skills analytics: See how skills like architecting, configuration management and more are evolving over time so you can identify strengths, weaknesses and roadblocks
  • Roles analytics: View data around individual role levels and skill proficiencies, and customize roles to fit your business needs like your unique network infrastructure
  • Channel analytics: Help your team track toward goals like cloud migration with insights into channel completion and engagement 
 DevOps onboarding
customer stories

How VMware evolves skills with business needs

“We are turning into a hybrid cloud company. With software as a service, it’s a very different development cycle… it’s a completely different skill set. The skill needs are really changing, and they're changing rapidly, so Pluralsight is critically important.”

Kathy Chou, Vice President of R&D Operations and Central Services, VMware
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